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Thumb and Finger Appliances

Thumb sucking is a normal activity exhibited by babies, toddlers, and young children. In time, many of them stop on their own. However, some children persist in their thumb sucking habit for several years. Over time, continued thumb sucking can result in misalignment of the teeth so it is important to break this habit if it persists. At Pool Orthodontics in Warner Robins, GA, Dr. Gary Pool can fit your child with a thumb and finger appliance that will make it easier for your son or daughter to stop sucking their thumb.

Effects of Thumb Sucking

Thumb Sucking AppliancesHabitual thumb sucking that continues beyond the early toddler years can lead to problems with your child’s teeth. The teeth can become misaligned, potentially requiring braces at a later age to correct the problem. Some alignment problems that commonly occur in association with thumb sucking include the upper front teeth protruding forward, sometimes called an overbite, or the lower front teeth leaning inward. Persistent thumb sucking can cause the top and bottom front teeth to not be positioned properly.

Orthodontic Solution For Thumb & Finger Sucking

For children who are finding it difficult to stop sucking their thumb or another finger, there are orthodontic thumb and finger appliances that can help. These appliances are sometimes called retainers or cribs. Some appliances are removable, while others can be temporarily fixed in place to prevent the child from removing the device on their own and continuing to suck the thumb. Your child’s orthodontist can custom fit the thumb and finger appliance to your child’s mouth.

A thumb and finger appliances is a metal device worn inside your child’s mouth. The appliance fits into the area of the mouth where the child’s thumb typically rests when sucking on it. With the appliance in place, there is no room for the child’s thumb to rest against the roof of the mouth. The inability to place the thumb or finger in its usual resting spot ultimately deters the child from continuing to try until he or she is no longer interested in thumb sucking. Most children successfully stop thumb-sucking completely within a few months.

With the help of an orthodontic thumb and finger appliance, your child can successfully break the finger or thumb sucking habit. Conveniently located in Warner Robins, GA, Dr. Pool at Pool Orthodontics can create a custom fit appliance for your child.

If your child sucks their thumb, call Pool Orthodontics in Warner Robins, GA to learn about how a thumb and finger appliance could help save their smile!